How to be more creative – be a happy extrovert

Interesting article in The Independent today that’s relevant to anybody involved in programming and the internet like me.

The newspaper reports on a study from the University of Portsmouth, showing that people in a good mood have more of the chemical dopamine, which helps creativity.

I’m not sure yet if this is just another one of those studies about really obvious things that scientific studies dress up as new research. I mean, we all know intuitively that when you’re at your desk (or anywhere else) feeling open and positive, the sense of power and possibility is so much greater, and feeds directly into our ability to envisage and imagine new things – the core of creativity.

Well, I suppose now the boffins have put it into science speak.


What a beautiful day!

I just love it when the sun starts shining like it is today. It just puts a smile pon everyones face and makes the world a nicer place to simply “be”. So I’m going to share the love with this George Harrision song for anyone feeling blue…


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